New Mini Trucks From Japan

There are now a huge amount of variations of Mini Trucks (Kei Trucks) available from Japan. Body variations include Long Wheelbase, Short Wheelbase, Refrigerated, Freezer, Lift, Crane, Bike Carrier ….

Click on the links below to see some of the variations available in new Mini Trucks:

SUZUKI CARRY LWB SWB Dump Refrigerated & Freezer Lift Bike Carrier Cab Chassis
DAIHATSU HIJET Truck Dump Lift Refrigerated & Freezer Delivery
HONDA ACTY Truck Dump Lift Refrigerated & Freezer
MITSUBISHI MINICAB Truck Silver Refrigerated Freezer Dump Lift Roar

Even if you’re looking for a used Mini Truck these variations might give you some ideas for customizations of your own truck.


Posted by: MiniTruckCanada

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