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Jerry’s 4,200 Km trip in Honda Acty

Jerry wrote to us from Fort Assiniboine, Alberta.

A few weeks ago in the last week of September, Jerry, his wife, youngest son, and their dog drove their Honda Acty MiniVan half way across Canada to visit family in Ontario. The 4,200 km trip took them through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. One can only imagine the beautiful fall scenery this time of year.

Through varying gas prices, the total cost of the trip was under $300.

Jerry writes, “That was an awful long drive in one of these little beasts but the economical factor made it worth while.”

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also took his entire family (five plus the dog) on a thousand km tour through the┬áRockies (Banff and Jasper National Parks).

Jerry also owns a Daihatsu Hijet which has become his daily driver and hauler. As you can see from the photos, his vehicles take a lot of abuse.


Jerry notes "There's still spring left!"

The 350 Kg rating gets disregarded.

The 350 Kg rating gets disregarded.

He says of his prior vehicles, “I wouldn’t want to have to go back to regular pick-ups.”

We wish him the best on his next trip!


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Daihatsu Hi-Jet maintenance & parts

Oil Filter

  • Daihatsu Wix 51394 Walmart Super Tech ST7317
  • Napa FIL1360

Air Filter

  • Mitsubishi MD620584 and MR571470 cross reference to a K&N Part # 33-2740
  • Denso K20PR-U11



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VIN locations on MiniTrucks

Suzuki Carry

  • metal plate under driver’s seat

Daihatsu Hi-Jet

  • metal plate under driver’s seat

Mazda Scrum

  • metal plate under driver’s seat

Mitsubishi Minicab

  • under the passenger seat

Subaru Sambar

  • on the kick panel on the passenger side
  • stamped into frame behind cab on the driver’s side

Honda Acty

  • under the driver’s seat
  • on the kick panel on the passenger side

The newer trucks (’99 and newer) sometimes have them on the inside door pillar


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