Gas prices creeping back up


September 2009 93.7
June 2009 99.3
March 2009 84.5
December 2008 73.2
September 2008 122.5
June 2008 131.8
March 2008 106.3

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Jerry’s 4,200 Km trip in Honda Acty

Jerry wrote to us from Fort Assiniboine, Alberta.

A few weeks ago in the last week of September, Jerry, his wife, youngest son, and their dog drove their Honda Acty MiniVan half way across Canada to visit family in Ontario. The 4,200 km trip took them through Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. One can only imagine the beautiful fall scenery this time of year.

Through varying gas prices, the total cost of the trip was under $300.

Jerry writes, “That was an awful long drive in one of these little beasts but the economical factor made it worth while.”

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also took his entire family (five plus the dog) on a thousand km tour through the Rockies (Banff and Jasper National Parks).

Jerry also owns a Daihatsu Hijet which has become his daily driver and hauler. As you can see from the photos, his vehicles take a lot of abuse.


Jerry notes "There's still spring left!"

The 350 Kg rating gets disregarded.

The 350 Kg rating gets disregarded.

He says of his prior vehicles, “I wouldn’t want to have to go back to regular pick-ups.”

We wish him the best on his next trip!


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Wheel Offset

If you’re buying new rims for your MiniTruck, you will need to know it’s offset and how it affects your particular truck.

The offset of a vehicle’s wheel is the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the plane of the hub-mounting surface of the wheel. It is typically measured in millimeters. Wheels are usually stamped with their offset such as “ET45” for a 45mm offset.

Offset has a significant effect on many elements of a vehicle’s suspension, including suspension geometry, clearance between the tire and suspension elements, the scrub radius of the steering system, and visually, the width of the wheel face relative to the car’s bodywork.

Learn how to calculate wheel offset


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Calculating Wheel Offset

  1. Determine the wheel backspace: Lay the wheel face down and put a straight edge across the inboard flange. Measure the distance from the rule to the hub mounting pad in inches. Your result is the wheel backspace.
  2. Measure the width of the rim: Measure from the outboard flange to the inboard flange. Write your answer in inches.
  3. Calculate the center line: Take the width of your rim and divide by two.
  4. Subtract the center line from the backspace: For ex. If the center line was two inches and the backspace was 1 inch the offset would be positive one inch.Conversely, if your center line is greater than your backspace you will have a negative offset.

After calculating your current wheel offset, use this neat tool from 1010tires to see if your new wheel will have fitting issues.


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MiniTruckCanada Forum coming soon!

We’re working on integrating a forum to our website.

MiniTruck owners will be able to exchange ideas and help each other out. You can rate your experience with local businesses and offer advice to others that are in need.

It will also give dealers and other businesses an opportunity to help answer any questions you have.

We’ll be sure to let you know when the forum is fully operational.

If you’re not already on our mailing list, please add yourself here.


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Right Drive promoting MiniTrucks at flea market

Right Drive and have teamed up and will be promoting MiniTrucks at the Pickering Markets this weekend (Sat July 18 and Sun July 19).

Right Drive will be displaying a caravan of MiniTrucks and will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding these unique vehicles. If you’re thinking about buying a MiniTruck but have never seen or driven one, now’s the time to check them out for yourself.

Talk to Yury or Michael, or any other member of the Right Drive team.

For map and directions to the Pickering Markets, click here.


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Parts to make MiniTrucks street legal

Here is a general list of parts needed to make MiniTrucks street legal in Canada. Some items may not apply to your specific vehicle or province.

  • DOT marked tires
  • DOT marked headlights
  • Daytime running lights
  • Mechanical safety inspection
  • Emissions test

Following is a list of parts you may need (in extraordinary cases):

  • Side reflectors
  • DOT marked windshield
  • Marker lights
  • DOT approved bulbs

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Suzuki Carry maintenance & parts

Engine Type:

3 cylinder gas


5 Speed w /Hi/Low or Extra Low Plus 5 Speed

Typical Options:

AC, Dump, Differential Lock, Axel Lock

Lift Kit Options:

2 1/4″, 3″

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Daihatsu Hi-Jet maintenance & parts

Oil Filter

  • Daihatsu Wix 51394 Walmart Super Tech ST7317
  • Napa FIL1360

Air Filter

  • Mitsubishi MD620584 and MR571470 cross reference to a K&N Part # 33-2740
  • Denso K20PR-U11

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